Reviews of The Calling

“Is pop-folk Goddess Meav the best-kept secret in Irish music?”
Image Magazine

“She’s embarked on the most exciting development on her stellar CV. She’s teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer Craig Leon for this new 12-track album…Meav’s approach to what one might term the Great Folk Songbook is to go straight for the romantic purity at the core of a song… Delightful.”
Eamon Carr, The Herald

“Everything centres on the Dubliner’s vocals – and that ethereal, evocative voice that was initially fostered in her membership of Anuna has been put to good use here on newly written songs and venerable ballads…”
John Meagher, Irish Independent

“Meav’s crystal clear vocals are simply sublime …From a haunting rendition of Ewan McColl’s The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face to the traditional Black Is The Colour, the album is pure bliss from start to finish”.
Caroline Kay, Burton Mail News

“The soothing and spiritual atmosphere of the album is a perfect getaway. The twelve tracks take you on a journey which very few artists can do these days. Those high notes can get into your skin…”
Baxter Labatos,

“I just happened to see this music video come across my Facebook feed and really liked what I saw. And I’ve got a strong hunch that you will, too.”
Will Goodman CBS news weekend music roundup